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Looking to fortify your WordPress site? Best Website Solution has you covered with seamless, top-tier security solutions ensuring your website stays safeguarded. Rest assured, your site’s security is our priority.

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"WP Buffs is your go-to for comprehensive WordPress security solutions, tailored to fit any combination of websites. Implement our services to fortify your site, thwart attacks, resolve vulnerabilities, and vigilantly monitor for emerging threats round-the-clock. Our dedicated security measures ensure robust protection for your website and invaluable web data."

WordPress Security Services We Provide

With a team of more than 50 specialists dedicated to WordPress security, we lead the charge in safeguarding WordPress sites. Our extensive expertise guarantees the protection of your website against evolving threats, providing a wide range of customizable security solutions to suit your requirements.

Install a Firewall

Our firewall installation service fortifies your WordPress site with a robust barrier, thwarting unauthorized access and potential cyber threats. This initial line of defense is essential for upholding the security and integrity of your website.

Brute Force Protection

Our cutting-edge brute force protection service shields your WordPress site against repeated unsuccessful login attempts. This crucial safeguard helps thwart unauthorized access, ensuring the security of your site's data.

Force Secure Passwords

We mandate the utilization of robust, intricate passwords for every user account on your WordPress platform, thereby substantially bolstering its security measures. This protocol serves as a pivotal measure in mitigating the likelihood of unauthorized access and breaches.

Database Protection

Our database protection service safeguards your WordPress site against SQL injections and other vulnerabilities, ensuring the security and privacy of your data. This defense is crucial for thwarting unauthorized access and preventing data breaches.

IP Tracking

Our IP tracking service diligently monitors access attempts and activities tied to IP addresses, swiftly pinpointing and thwarting potential threats. This vigilant monitoring guarantees that only authorized users can access your WordPress site.

SSL Certificate

Implementing an SSL certificate secures the transmission of data between your site and its users, bolstering security and instilling user trust. This crucial service safeguards personal information and transactions, establishing credibility for your WordPress site.

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How to Know Your WordPress Site is Hacked?

Identifying signs of a hacked WordPress site early is crucial to mitigate damage and restore security. Here are key indicators suggesting your site might have been compromised:

Google Chrome shows a warning when visiting your website

Your hosting company may disable your website

Customers complain about their credit cards being hacked

Outbound ports 80, 443, 587 and 465 are blocked for your account.

Weird looking JavaScript in your website code

Your email is sent to the spam folder

You find unexpected error messages in your error logs

Files have been modified recently

Unknown code or redirect in htaccess file

You will See Many More Changes

Features of Our WordPress Security Service

Our service provides comprehensive security measures to safeguard your site against threats, fostering user trust and ensuring a secure browsing experience. Opt for us for strong WordPress protection.

WordPress Security

Protect your data with advanced database security measures.

Database Security

Fortify your site’s database with impenetrable security measures.

Brute Force Attacks Protection

Shield your system from login attacks using cutting-edge security measures.

HTTPS Site Security Headers

Enhance web security with finely-tuned HTTPS protection.

Firewall Configuration

Tailor-made firewall setups for comprehensive s

Expert 24/7 Support Dependable,

expert support available anytime for your peace of m

Additional Security Options

We go above and beyond with security for our clients


Custom Login URL

If desired, we can customize your WordPress dashboard login URL from /wp-admin to /your-custom-url. This adjustment helps deter bots and hackers from easily locating your login page.


Block Fake Google Crawlers

Certain malicious code can deceive security systems by mimicking genuine Googlebots. However, our protective system discerns the discrepancy and prevents them from crawling your website.


Comment Spam Filtering

We’ll maintain a daily cleanup routine to clear out unnecessary comments, ensuring your website and dashboard remain clutter-free. Additionally, we’ll optimize your database to enhance speed and bolster SEO performance.


Database Optimization

We conduct daily cleanups to remove table overhead in your WordPress database, ensuring your website maintains peak performance and runs smoothly.


Verify Trusted Sources

We thoroughly verify all your plugins and themes to ensure they originate from secure and reputable sources. Every element on your website undergoes authentication by, guaranteeing a safe and reliable environment.


Manage Inactive Plugins

Outdated plugins pose a risk of potential backdoors, even when disabled. We conduct regular reviews of the plugins you employ, removing any that are not actively in use to mitigate this risk effectively.


DNS Change Alerts

We perform daily scans of your website to detect any DNS changes. These changes have the potential to cause website downtime, so we maintain vigilant monitoring to ensure uninterrupted operation.


2-Factor Authentication

Sure, here’s a revised version:

“To enhance the security of your WordPress dashboard, we’ll be implementing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). This additional layer of security will require you to input a code sent to your mobile device in order to log in.”

WordPress Security Matters


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