Courier Website


# Domain & Hosting:
Domain : .com/.net Domain Free for 1 year
Hosting : 1 GB

#Frontend Operation:

Unique and attractive home page design
Eye-caching  & animation slider
About your business
Show for counter
Tracking System
Show for Pricing table
Calculating system
Show for service feature
Show for service area
Contact information & Contact  form
Merchant Registration & login
Password Reset system
Merchant profile edit system
Unique merchant dashboard design
Add Parcel & Manage
Pickup Request same day or next day
Fraud check system
Parcel status system (Pending, On the way, Delivered, Pertly delivered, Canceled, In Review)
Parcel Reports
Merchant Parcel invoice show and printing
Live chat with facebook messanger or
SEO Friendly

# Admin panel Operation:

Admin panel access ( super admin, admin, editor, author )
User create edit delete
Profile edit and password change
Merchants Parcel Manage
Merchants payment system
Parcel assigned by delivery man
Parcel Add
Parcel Edit and delete
Edit And Delete Product
Auto Invoice generate
Invoice Printing
Parcel Reports
Parcel status (pending, on the way, delivered, partly delivered, canceled, In Review)
Merchant List
Unlimited dynamic page create
Social media linking

Compatible Browsers
Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
CodeGland Help Desk
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